YMCAs Deploy Punch Alert at all Charlotte Locations

Apr 25 2016

Media Contact: Molly Antos
Email: media@punchalert.com

YMCA of Greater Charlotte Activates Mobile Emergency Communication Platform at all Locations Following Success in Initial Test Location

CHARLOTTE, NC, Apr 25 2016 –

Today, Punch Technologies announced that all Charlotte, NC YMCA locations are employing Punch Alert technology as a result of a successful test run in the YMCA’s Dowd location. Punch Alert is the only all-in-one, mobile emergency communication platform created to keep public spaces safe and allow instant communication for responders.

“Punch Technologies is excited to announce our official partnership with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte.” said Greg Artzt, CEO of Punch Technologies. “We look forward to bringing our safety technology to all the YMCA locations in Charlotte to keep their staff and members safe. The YMCA is a perfect example of how an organization can use Punch Alert to create a fully integrated community of safety that engages the internal responders of the organization, employees, members, and official responders.”

The Charlotte association of the YMCA initiated a single-location test run of the Punch Alert technology at their Dowd branch in October 2015. After success and positive feedback from staff using the technology, the YMCA signed onto an annual contract for 23 Y locations. In the coming months, the branches plan to give every employee access to the safety platform and every member access by 2017.

The Y has also given access to thePunch Alert platform to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for quicker response to emergencies as reported.

“Keeping our staff and members safe at all times is a top priority for the YMCA,” said Kimberly Conroy, Risk Manager for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. “The success our Dowd branch saw during the pilot served as proof that all of our locationscould greatly benefit from utilizing the technology and we are excited to officially launch Punch Alert in additional locations.”

Punch Alert provides security by including a panic button that, once pressed, alerts emergency responders of a potentially life-threatening situation. Responders then have the ability to release emergency information to others when appropriate, involving them collaboratively in the response process. Punch Alert streamlines communication by enabling users to submit information and emergency responders to deliver mass updates during emergencies. Punch Alert also, through its use of GPS and iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, provides location awareness by capturing the location of the initial report and actively monitoring the location of all community members until the emergency is resolved. It is an all-in-one mobile response tool for emergency situations.

About Punch Technologies

Punch Technologies is a mobile software company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are the creators of the Punch Alert mobile security and communication platform. The Punch Alert Platform is the only all-in-one emergency communication platform leveraging both GPS and iBeacon location technology.

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