Punch Technologies Announces Upcoming Launch of Punch Alert 4.0 and New Punch Alert Local (PAL) community

Media Contact: Molly Antos
Email: media@punchalert.com

Available in October, now on iOS and Android, Punch Alert 4.0 and PAL, is Available Free to Everyone. Anyone Can be a PAL and Help Make their Community a Safer Place

CHARLOTTE, NC, Aug 21 2015

Punch Technologies will launch in October its new and improved Punch Alert 4.0 — the only app that connects the full chain of safety communications — available soon on iOS and Android. The app will be free for any individual and available to the public.

Punch Alert 4.0 will also include Punch Alert Local (PAL) — an opt-in community safety program within the Punch Alert mobile application.  Users of Punch Alert can decide whether or not they want to be a “PAL.”  By pressing the panic button, users of PAL can  alert not only 911 or other designated responders but any PAL in close proximity. They will also be able to chat, post and receive tips and view announcements for the purpose of making their community a safer place.

“Now, the general public can play an active role in their community’s safety,” said Greg Artzt, CEO of Punch Technologies. “PALs are not expected to be responders in risking their lives to help others in need.  They can make a decision at the moment of incident whether or not they can help.  Often, people simply walking nearby, knocking on a door, or making a loud noise can deter or stop a personal crime such as a rape or other abuse. PAL is like a mobile version of community watch.  There is safety in numbers, and with the PAL program we envision a world where we are never truly alone.”

Punch Alert is the only universal panic button developed for mobile emergency management. Punch Alert uses smart communication technology to inform and notify responders.  It provides essentials tools to help local authorities assess the situation and take necessary action. Its real-time location tracking — GPS for outdoor location monitoring and iBeacon for indoor positioning — is essential in managing an emergency.

“Our goal is to help make the world a safer place by minimizing response times so drastically that most crimes and crises will be deterred or prevented,” said Artzt. “This new version of Punch Alert and the PAL community offers a safety platform like no other.  There’s no app that gets you help faster.”

Go to joinpal.co to sign up for early access to the PAL community.

For more information on Punch Alert, visit:www.punchalert.com, or go to vimeo.com/104136990

About Punch Technologies

Punch Technologies is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based mobile software company and creator of the Punch Alert mobile security and communication platform. The Punch Alert Platform is the only all-in-one mass emergency communication platform that leverages both GPS and iBeacon location technology. Punch Alert is designed specifically for any school, university, public or corporate entity that needs to protect and send notifications to its employees, students, residents, or community.

For more information visit www.punchalert.com, or follow Punch on Twitter @PunchTech.

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