Hickory Public School District Teams With Punch Technologies To Streamline Emergency Communication Capabilities

Jul 22 2015

Media Contact: Molly Antos
Email: media@punchalert.com

Hickory District Joins Schools Nationwide as They Implement Punch Alert — the Only All-in-One Mobile Emergency Communication Platform — to Protect and Connect Their Campuses

CHARLOTTE, NC, Jul 22 2015 – The Hickory Public School District in North Carolina is now using Punch Technologies’ Punch Alert emergency communication platform to protect and connect their public schools and district office — ten locations in total.

Hickory is the latest school district to begin working with Punch Technologies and im-plement Punch Alert which is the only all-in-one, mobile emergency communication plat-form uniquely created to help schools and universities streamline their emergency man-agement.

“During a tornado warning last year, we learned how beneficial it would have been to be able to communicate with all staff at one time rather than make many phone calls. Hav-ing the ability to communicate with everyone at once will enhance our safety procedures for all of our staff and students,” said Angela Simmons, director of student services at the Hickory Public School District. “Everyone will have the same information and know exactly what to do to keep their students safe.”

Punch Alert improves security by including a panic button that, once pressed, alerts emergency responders of a potentially life-threatening situation. Responders then have the ability to release emergency information to others on campus when appropriate, in-volving them collaboratively in the response process.

Punch Alert streamlines communication by enabling faculty, staff, and students to sub-mit information and emergency responders to deliver mass updates during emergen-cies. Punch Alert also, through its use of GPS and iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, provides location awareness by capturing the location of the initial report and actively monitoring the location of all faculty and staff until the emergency is re-solved.

“School security is a significant concern in this day and age. And, being a parent my-self, I know how crucial it is to know that your child’s school district is doing everything to create and maintain a safe environment,” said Greg Artzt, CEO of Punch Technolo-gies. “Punch Alert was created with this concern in mind. It relies on the most relevant, smart communication, along with emergency management and real-time location awareness, making it ideal for protecting a school campus.”

Punch Alert is also being utilized by Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina as well as with many schools and districts across the country including those in: Arizo-na, Florida, Maine, New York and Ohio. For more information on Punch Alert, visit: www.punchalert.com, or go to https:/vimeo.com/104136990

About Punch Technologies Punch Technologies is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based mobile software company and creator of the Punch Alert mobile security and communication platform. The Punch Alert Platform is the only all-in-one mass emergency communication platform that leverages both GPS and iBeacon location technology. Punch Alert is designed specifically for any school, university, public or corporate entity that needs to protect and send notifications to its employees, students, residents, or community.

For more information visit www.punchalert.com, or follow Punch on Twitter @PunchTech.

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