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The most advanced safety wearable ever.

rescue helps shave critical seconds off emergency response time. When the wearer enters the water or presses the panic button, everyone nearby is alerted via rescue’s linked base station’s visual and audio alarms. Additionally, responders are notified in real time through integration with PunchAlert.

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RESCUE by PunchAlert

In crisis, what saves lives?

When emergencies happen, time is of the essence

With rescue, responders are alerted effortlessly

The rescue wearable

Always Connected

The rescue wearable communicates with the base station via low-power LoRa (Long Range) wireless technology that enables connectivity measured in miles, not feet.

Water Activated

Two copper connectors automatically detect when the wearable is submerged and alerts the rescue base station immediately. Users can also press the recessed panic button to trigger an alert.

Safety – in style.

With multiple wearable configurations, there’s something for everyone. The rescue wearable is designed to be worn on wrists, ankles, or arms via the elastic band, or necks using the included lanyard.

The rescue base station

The heart of rescue

The rescue base station connects with all the wearables and even other base stations to provide a web of aquatic safety.

Seen AND heard

With its piercing siren and ultra bright LED lights, the rescue base station will never go unnoticed.

Powered by PunchAlert

An included PunchAlert subscription enables the rescue base station to alert all responders, not just those nearby.

With no margin for error

rescue fills the gap

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rescue by PunchAlert

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Frequently asked questions

Why is PunchAlert enabling pre-orders for Rescue?

We are looking to gauge interest in the product, so we can order the appropriate volume for inventory.  Initial customers for a new product are critical so your indication of interest and support by pre-ordering truly allows us to bring this to market as quickly and reliably as possible.  

What is the benefit to pre-ordering now?

By placing a small 10% down payment, you guarantee the 50% discount for year one, and 20% discount for ongoing maintenance going forward.  You are also guaranteeing that you will receive the system in the first batch, scheduled to be delivered in 2020.  This down payment is fully refundable if you change your mind so there is little risk involved.

What happens if I order later and do not pre-order now?

You can do so at list pricing (volume discounts still available) and take delivery of our second (or later) batch dates scheduled to begin in Q3-Q4 of 2020.  

Do I have to buy PunchAlert if I buy Rescue?

Each Rescue package comes with a PunchAlert account, 5 responder licenses that can receive, manage, and communicate regarding Rescue alerts, and any administrative support that is needed all included at no additional cost.  Any admin / responder, or user licenses added beyond the 5 included will be billed at $6 / administrator / month and $3 / user / month unless otherwise negotiated in a contract with PunchAlert.

What if I already have PunchAlert?

Perfect, we will include an additional 10% off your order upon delivery and your administrative setup for Rescue will occur in your existing PunchAlert dashboard for your organization.  

How hard is the set up process?

It’s very easy.  The goal is to get you set up in a single morning or afternoon.  The hardware can all be self-installed with possibly the support of your facilities or IT staff.  You can screw or tape the base station to the wall (same with the charging station), and the critical element will be extending an Ethernet cable to the Alert Station for power (PoE) and network connectivity.  The device also has cellular connectivity which will serve as a backup in the event your network goes down. From a software standpoint, there will be a simple setup wizard that an administrator can follow to set up Rescue devices in various locations and establish associated PunchAlert accounts and users’ licenses.

What is the range of the Wearable Device?

This depends on your environment but can be up to 10 miles in an open field.  If submerged under water at great depth (tested at 9 feet), the device has been proven to communicate without problem at a range of at least 400 feet.  

Will I know if the battery dies or if the wearable devices are out of range?

Yes, the device will be flashing and the wearer will notice haptic pulsing.  Additionally, an alert will be sent out through PunchAlert informing responders that a device has gone out of range and needs attention.

Will I know if the Alert Station is offline?

Yes, the station will have all LEDs on in this scenario, and an alert will be sent out through PunchAlert.

What happens if the device gets a little wet from a splash?

It should not activate unless it is submerged in water.  

What happens in the event of a false alarm?

You can long-press the button on the wearable or press the button on the alert station to deactivate the visual and audible alarm.  A responder will still need to go into the PunchAlert admin console or mobile app to quickly indicate it was a false alarm and resolve the emergency.

Can I order an extra Alert Station for my front desk or other locations?

Yes, we will offer all components of our platform in individual itemized form as well, so you can have extra wearables, alert stations, and/or charging stations.  If you simply need double of everything, then it would be most cost effective to pre-order another standard package.

Can I program the Alert Station to go off even if a PunchAlert emergency is declared from the app (or other source) and not from the Rescue Wearable device?

Yes, this is a great new way to create on-site awareness of an emergency in your facilities beyond mobile and desktop alerting.  This can also be set up based on category or other variables controlled in the mobile app or admin console.