Meet the new 911

Obihai has partnered with PunchAlert to add Enhanced 911 (E911) service to your OBi device for only $24.99/year.

With 911+™ from PunchAlert, you’ll receive:

  • 911 calls go to your emergency call center with your exact address attached.
  • Piece-of-mind for Google Voice users (Google Voice does not support 911 calling).
  • Easy automatic configuration of 911 service on your OBi – no need to configure the OBi manually.
  • Emergency call-backs and reverse 911 are routed straight to your OBi device.
  • E911 with alerts: notify you or another person when a 911 call is placed. 911 alerts are automatically sent using email, SMS/Text Message, automated phone call, or an HTTP request. No need to purchase a phone number.

Peace of mind, today.

To get started, click the button below to sign up for OBiTALK or log in to your existing OBiTALK account.
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Try the new 911+ by PunchAlert on these great Google Voice supported phones by Obi

Obihai OBi200


Obihai OBi1022


Obihai OBi2000


Obihai OBi202