New Law is Aimed at Protecting Healthcare Workers From Violence

Workplace Violence

Stronger workplace violence regulations demand a comprehensive, superior safety system.

A national research study shows that health care workers are at a higher risk of workplace violence than the average worker. It is not uncommon for health care workers to suffer injuries from aggressive, upset patients, angry family members, or other stressed employees. (For more information visit here)

California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has approved a rule that protects health care workers against violence in the workplace in California. This newly approved rule requires hospitals and other health care organizations to develop violence prevention plans that will identify violent risks, provide a process for mitigation and an effective response plan. It ensures that workplace violence is reported, investigated, and reviewed. In addition, it stipulates that the organizations effectively alert employees of the presence, location, and nature of a violent act or security threat.

Health care facilities are required to implement the use of an “alarm system or other effective means by which their employees can summon security and other aid” to manage and resolve an actual or potential workplace violence emergency. This new law has set the bar with the strongest regulations against workplace violence and will most likely become the model for other healthcare organizations nationally.

Implementing an effective, comprehensive and compliant solution can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. We, at Punch Technologies, have developed an emergency communication platform that will meet all the requirements set forth by CAL/OSHA and more.
Punch Alert is exactly the safety system health care facilities will need to meet the OSHA Compliance standards and keep their staff safe in the workplace.

Utilizing the cell phones that employees already have, Punch Alert is a comprehensive mobile safety system that healthcare workers can bring with them anywhere, anytime. If they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation they can discretely punch a button in the app immediately alerting the right responders and notifying other employees nearby about the incident. Staff, patients and visitors can also receive warnings or announcements as mass notifications from the designated safety team on property. All organizations using Punch Alert are geofenced and iBeacons will accurately determine even specific indoor locations, so responders always have precise information about where help is needed in an active emergency situation. The staff can also access emergency plans on their phone at any time, so they are prepared and equipped for any emergency specific to their department and organization. Using Punch Alert as safety communication, the health care organization will automatically obtain an archive of incidents and communication on record to review with staff, which allows for ongoing training and involvement of employees, hence increased preparedness for emergencies.

Punch Alert doesn’t only help organizations meet OSHA Compliance Standards, the fact that all staff in the healthcare organization is connected in a portable safety community via their phones, will take away the stress and worries about how to deal with unforeseen incidents during a shift.

When Punch Alert takes care of the health care workers safety, the health care workers can take care of their patients. Within the health care organization, no one gets hurt and everyone is safe.

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