Thank you, Thank you, Rescue Early Adopters!

Punch Technologies has had an exciting start to the year.  Going into Covid, we saw a slowdown in the use of our PunchAlert software for managing emergencies since so many of our customers were either closed entirely or working remotely.  We responded by developing a new module that would assist customers with safe entry Covid screening called Sentry.  This was possibly our fastest and most efficient development project beginning to end and I can’t commend enough my development team for that effort.  Customers love the product… but we know (and prayed) that Covid won’t be around forever.  So we decided to double down on two critical components of our emergency platform: 911+ and Rescue.  

911+ is our powerful dynamic location routing e911 service that we deliver to thousands of active users every day.  It lives inside PunchAlert as a core differentiation, but it is also used by 3rd parties.  Now, with a new partner (announcement on this coming soon), we are going to be brining indoor location to our 911+ stack, further differentiating the service and opening up all sorts of interesting applications for real-time awareness of location to the police in an emergency.  More on this soon.    

Rescue has been the mother of all projects for a software startup (since it’s actually part software, part hardware).  I always found the dream of developing a fully integrated hardware, software, and 911 API company in the emergency space to be extremely exciting.  This is what I would envision as an Apple or Tesla-style vision for what an emergency communication service could become.  In late 2017, a customer had a terrible tragedy that made us realize the importance of connected hardware for automating emergencies, and we decided to dive in.  In 2021, we finally launched Rescue after years and years of effort and far more of an investment than we could have imagined.  Then, production issues became real as we underestimated the challenge of scaling our operation.  It’s now March of 2022 and we see the light at the end of this tunnel.  We’ve deployed to over a dozen customers and have inventory ready to fulfill 70+ customer orders in the coming weeks.  Demand for this unique wearable, connected panic button is very high both in the aquatics space (where we offer the unique capability of water and fall detection for lifeguards), and our general education or workplace customer environments.  This would not have been possible without the unbelievable patience of our early-adopter Rescue customers that trusted in us, made down-payments, waited, tested, sometimes returned, and then re-shipped, re-tested, re-implemented, and so on.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!  I truly believe that this will help us save lives together going forward.  

Rescue combined with PunchAlert and 911+ presents an exciting road ahead for our company, and I’ll have far more updates to share about our plans to grow and evolve very soon.


Greg Artzt

CEO, Punch Technologies