Intro to NFPA 3000

In this webinar, guest speaker Sergeant Chris Kopp provides an introduction and background to the new NFPA 3000 standard.

NFPA 3000 TM is a provisional standard created in response to the growing number of active shooter/hostile events, with input from responders directly involved with recent incidents along with experts from a wide range of specialties, including the DOJ, the FBI, DHS, and more.


Meet the Speaker

Sergeant Chris Kopp

Owner, Lockdown International

Sergeant Chris Kopp has over 20 years of combined military and law enforcement experience. He served two tours on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. Sgt Kopp began his second career in law enforcement with the Margate Police Department in Florida, before transferring to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina.  He has spent over a decade as a Law Enforcement General and Firearms Instructor, and still provides his General Instructor service as a Reserve Officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police Department.

Sergeant Kopp holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and several advanced certifications in the fields of law enforcement and active shooter. He has presented on Capitol Hill as a subject matter expert on active shooter safety, and has been featured by numerous media outlets to include the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR Radio and Beasley Media.  Sergeant Kopp was awarded the 2019 Security Owner of the Year at the Global CEO Excellence Awards.  He is also an active member of ASIS International, FBI InfraGard, International Association of Chiefs of Police and Fraternal Order of Police.

He is a husband, father of three boys, a foster parent, an inventor, an ordained minister and the owner of Lockdown International, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business providing products and services to identify and mitigate risks related to safety and security in the community.