Flexible options to fit your organization

Starting at $60/month for 10 users

Volume and non-profit discounts are available.

Unlimited organizations

Unlimited geofences

7 years of unlimited archiving

Desktop app access

Mobile app access

Unlimited followers

Full API access

Active directory integration

Customizable forms and reports

Other systems integration


Do you offer a discount for education?

We allow K-12 schools and colleges/universities to have as many Parent and Student users as they want, free of charge.

What's the difference between Administrators, Responders and Private Users?



Administrators set-up the organization and have full control of the organizations’ settings and full access to all records. Administrators can act as Responders in aiding in managing emergencies.




Responders are the group of individuals within an organization that are the best equipped to manage emergency situations. Responders are assigned their role by Administrators.


Private Users


Private Users are your responders, employees, teachers, faculty, staff, and any group of individuals that you designate a role in your organization.


Private Users are paid for by the organization.

An organization can have up to 5 roles within their Private Users. Role 1 is designated to their Responders. Roles 2-5 are named and customized by Administrators.


When an emergency occurs, responders can choose to notify individuals based on their role. Also, an announcement can be sent to just a specific role if necessary.

Whats the difference between Private Users and Followers?

Private Users are your employees, teachers, faculty, staff, and any group of individuals that you designate a Role to in your organization.


Private Users are added to your organization by administrators manually adding them in the admin web console, or by clicking a secure link we provide and send to them in an email.


Private Users can receive an unlimited number of alerts through app push notifications, emails, SMS/text messages, and phone calls. Alerts include notifications regarding emergencies, tips, and announcements.


Private Users can report emergencies and post tips to your organization while on and off campus.


Private Users are paid for by the organization.



Followers are anyone who follows your organization in the PunchAlert app. Followers can be anyone and therefore should only be sent alerts that your organization is comfortable sharing with the general public.


Followers only receive alerts through push notifications and emails. The option to send alerts to your public followers via SMS/text message can be added for an additional fee of $0.025 / SMS / follower.


Followers can only report emergencies and post tips to your organization while on campus.


Followers are not paid for by the organization. Any number of individuals can follow your organization free of charge.

What organizations can benefit from using PunchAlert?

Schools, Universities, Fitness centers, Hospitals, Corporations, Businesses, Government agencies, Stadiums, and more! Any organization can benefit from using PunchAlert.

What's a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual border around the perimeter of your organizations’ property that tells us where to monitor during an emergency.

What's unlimited archiving?

PunchAlert archives, or stores, resolved emergencies, tips, and announcements in the event that you need to reference them. Unlimited archiving means that information is stored indefinitely unless you choose otherwise.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

Contact us if you have any further questions regarding plan and pricing options