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What is echo?

echo is a new add-on module that enhances PunchAlert and 911+ by delivering exact indoor location to 911 Operators and Organizational Responders during an emergency.

How It Works

  • Set up your organization by uploading a file of your Wi-Fi access point information including ID’s, names of locations, and ideally a map of their placement.
  • Punch pre-sets the database behind the scenes.
  • During an emergency, the PunchAlert performs Wi-Fi scans and leverages our patented echo technology to determine position.
  • PunchAlert delivers this indoor location information to internal responders inside the app and web console.
  • 911+ delivers this indoor location as “Address Line 2” to 911 operators in the event of a 911 call.

Ray Baum’s Act

is aimed at improving emergency response outcomes by focusing on sharing precise location information when calling 9-1-1 emergency services. Section 506 of the Act introduces rules to ensure a “dispatchable location” is automatically provided to emergency dispatch including “room number” accuracy.

Echo Can Help

Accurate outdoor and indoor location capability (floor and room detail) to responders.

Provides 911 operator with detailed location information of the caller.

Access to a 3-dimensional map when available.

Minimal investment cost as setup is largely automated.

Leverages existing Wi-Fi hardware so no new hardware investment is required.

Provides regulatory compliance.

Location awareness during an incident is one of the most fundamental and critical challenges to a successful resolution. If your campus has large facilities or multi-story buildings, exact indoor location awareness will save on response times, which in turn will save lives.

Learn More About Echo